New Paths

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

I’ve traveled a lot in the last few weeks. Hundreds of miles. And I’ve moved not only myself, but someone else. Frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m still trying to get things put away in an apartment that has too little storage. And working full-time at my new gig.

But these are all just distractions. I am on new paths. A relationship on a new level. New challenges and opportunities at my job. New places, new experiences.

The image above is representative of these opportunities. You can’t see the horizon. The road falls away into unknown. It’s not scary, just new.

Taking this image also required a new angle. I laid down on the road to get a new perspective. And I’m taking on new perspectives as well. Trying to fit into the lives of five (!) ladies, to still be a dad, a partner, a helpful human, a successful manager – and still be me.

And I welcome these opportunities. There are more coming, some sooner, some later. All good. the move has been borne out as a positive at every step thus far. And the future looks bright.

For that, I’ll take a little exhaustion.