Some Images Can’t Be Created


I enjoy photography. I really do, Taking the shots, composing them in my mind, editing and sometimes making something that others like and appreciate.

I can create wonderful images.

But there’s some images I can’t create. The opportunity is gone forever.

I had this realization this last week. I was going through some older pictures of fishing trips. We used to take my dad fishing every year around Father’s Day. We’d head up to the June Lake area and spend two or three days fishing, laughing, and having a great time.

And of all the pictures I have from those trips, there isn’t a single one with me and my dad together. Not one.

I have older pictures of me and my dad. Much older. Like when I was about two years old. And somewhere, I have pictures from my wedding. But not just me and my dad. We didn’t do family portraits.

I think that’s something that far too many families fall victim to. We are so worried about capturing a moment that we don’t notice that we’re outside of the picture. On those fishing trips, I was often the one taking the pictures. Which, of course, means that I wasn’t in the pictures myself.

I miss my dad. And while I don’t have pictures of the two of us, I do have memories. Those are with me whenever I want them. But I do wish I had some pictures I could show my daughter. And I do want to make sure she has some too.