About Me

So, who am I? Who is Leo Soderman?

Good question. I’ll let you know when I’ve got it all figured out.

First, I’m a dad. I have a wonderful young daughter who is 11 going on 25. I may shave my head, but she makes sure there isn’t much to shave…

I run a music education facility for a major music retailer. And I really like my job. Kind of hard not to like a job where people leave smiling as a rule.

I love photography, but wish I could spend on some new equipment. My current gear is pretty beat up and could use some replacing.  Donations are gladly accepted :)

I also write. I’ve been an editor-in-chief for a national magazine, written technology and nightlife reviews, and been a VP of Marketing. But I love creative writing for myself. I have half a dozen stories I’ve started but never completed. But there is one I’m working on now that has been able to keep my interest, even if I don’t have the time to work on it as I’d like.

So, that’s a basic rundown. You’ll find out more about me through my posts, and my photos. Be sure to comment, but be kind, to me and to others. We all have the ability to be beautiful to one another. Let’s use that more often.

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